February matters in our real estate market, especially 2016's February for the entire Treasure Valley! We have a HUGE shortage of homes on the market...what does that mean to you? Here's 5 tips for buyers and sellers in our market right now.

If you're selling:

  1. There are people out there right now, Pre-qualified, driving around your neighborhood that want to buy a home, but can't!

  2. With this low of inventory with such high demand your home might be worth more than you thought, Seriously, a lot more! (If you don't know you need to call us for a certified market analysis, CMA to find out what your home is actually worth)

  3. Most people don't want to sell their homes during winter (hence low inventory) they want to sell in April/May/June/July...What do you think it means to you to wait 1...2...3 months to list your home when everyone else does? Does it add value?

  4. HOMES ARE BEING BUILT! Do you know how many homes are being built in your area? WE DO! For most of you, it's surprisingly more than you think. Again, what do you think it does for the value of your home to compete with new construction?

  5. Home prices in most areas have reached and surpassed that of what they were before the market crash! That's right, in many areas homes are selling for more than they ever have! Take advantage of this market we're in RIGHT NOW to accomplish your real estate goals! Call us to get the most out of your property while taking advantage of our LOW INTEREST RATES to buy your dream home!

If you're buying:

  1. BE PREPARED! Understand that when you are ready to start searching for a house, you're going to be competing with a lot of people. Most of these people (if they are smart, or at least work with us;))are going to be pre-approved, have earnest money available, and they will be able to act quickly with understanding our market.

  2. BE PATIENT, there is a shortage of homes, it sucks, we want you to be in your dream home as much as you, but it might not be on the market today. But that's not to say it wont be tomorrow, in which case...

  3. BE AGGRESSIVE!!! (I know it sounds like the exact opposite of #2 but that's why you have to actually read this stuff) Understand what you're looking for, when you've identified it, don't hesitate! Remember that you and your earnest money are protected with us, we have inspections, appraisals, etc. to go through, allowing you to walk away if it isn't the right situation for you.

  4. Don't be 'that guy' (or gal) who has to get a screaming deal! SURPRISE, you're most likely not going to find it. Homes that are priced correctly in our market sell, and right now they're selling fast. It's common in our market to be competing with several other offers, guess what? The best offer is usually the one that gets the house, not the people low-balling because they needs to feel like they got a sweet deal.

  5. Take advantage of your resources! Search for properties, find more information, do research, figure out what you are approved for by calling/texting/facebook messaging/skyping/facetiming (you get it right? We're accessible) and visit deshughes.com 

-Colin Hughes, Realtor